Facts About Monalisa in Hindi and interesting facts about Monalisa

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In this post we talked about facts about Monalisa and Leonardo da Vinci creative ideas
A genius Leonardo da Vinci created a painting that remains a mystery even today

Facts About Monalisa
Facts about Monalisa 

After all, what secrets are hidden in this painting, which make it the most mysterious and most famous painting in the world
If you read this post till the end, you will know such things about Monalisa which will really surprise you.

  • Facts About Monalisa -1

  • An artist gave his life by jumping from the fourth floor of a hotel in Paris, because
  • Monalisa was mad for her mysterious smile, fascinated by her beauty

She also left a suicide note in which she spoke of her

love for Monalisa and the years she had been waiting for.

Facts About Monalisa – 2

 The most mysterious thing about Monalisa and what makes the artists and historians think the most is Monalisa’s mysterious smile.

 Which looks different when viewed from different angles.

 Meaning, the picture keeps on changing, first this picture is seen smiling, then this smile fades and then disappears..

Facts About Monalisa 

A research has shown me that the woman whom
Da Vinci created in this painting is hiding some secrets inside her,

so Monalisa’s smile is so mysterious

 Years ago, a doctor surprised everyone by saying that the secret of
Monalisa’s mysterious smile is that her upper two teeth are broken .

And that is why her upper lip is slightly pressed.

A neuroscientist doctor at Harvard said that Monalisa’s smile does not change but human’s mindset changes

Meaning, it is a game of your mind as you want to see Monalisa’s face.

 It depends on what you are focusing on

Facts About Monalisa – 3

 Da Vinci started making Monalisa in 1503 and he continued to work on it until 1517

 They took the most time to make Monalisa’s lips

Da Vinci took 12 years to make Monalisa’s lips

Facts About Monalisa
Facts About Monalisa 

Facts About Monalisa – 4

It is true that Monalisa is a very beautiful painting and it is very famous from the beginning but it was never so famous as it was when it was stolen from the museum.

 The world’s most famous painting was stolen from the world’s largest museum was a shocking incident, but even more surprising is that the man who was suspected of its theft was caught in doubt. Gaya was another great painter of ours, Pablo Picasso

Facts About Monalisa
Facts About Monalisa 

Initially, Pablo Picasso was accused of stealing it, but later he was dropped after much questioning and investigation.

  The museum was closed for investigation for 1 week due to the confusion that the painting might have been placed elsewhere in the museum

 Later it was discovered that Monalisa was stolen by a museum worker and he hid in a small room in the museum.

 After the museum closed, he escaped hiding in a painting coat.

 He was a patriotic citizen and believed that these paintings should return to his country and be shown in the Museum of Italy.

 Monalisa was brought back to the museum on January 4, 1914, after being kept in a museum in Italy for two weeks.

The thief was jailed for 6 months but was welcomed by Italy for his patriotism

Facts About Monalisa – 5

 There is also a twin painting of Monalisa which looks exactly like Monalisa of Leonardo da Vinci, the second painting is said to have been made by one of his students during the time of Vinci.

This second painting is placed in the capital of Spain.

Facts About Monalisa
Facts About Monalisa 

 To this day, no one knows who Monalisa was, that is, who was the picture made by The Vinci, who was this woman. Most scholars believe that the picture in this painting is of Lisagirardhani, an Italian from Florence. Was a woman

 One theory also says that Monalisa is a picture of Leonardo the Vinci himself, meaning that he created himself as a woman in this painting.

There have been many attempts to damage this beautiful painting in 1956 when a tourist threw a stone at Monalisa.

Due to which a small scar was found near Monalisa’s left hand elbow, it was later restored but the scar still looks lighter.

 Before this, a person threw acid on this painting, after this, after seeing Monalisa’s security, it was placed inside a bullet proof glass.

 But even after this, a lady tried to spray Monalisa with red paint.

Leonardo da Vinci was also a writer but surprisingly he did not write anything about his most famous painting Monalisa

  Second World War Time Monalisa was replaced 6 times so that this precious painting would not pass into the hands of the German Nazis.

 A student from Leonard also created a nude version of Monalisa from 1514 to 1516 called Monabina, whose position of hands and body is exactly the same as Gionardo’s Monalisa.

 It is also said that maybe Leonardo da Vinci also made it.

This painting is kept in Paris Museum

Leonardo da Vinci used several layers to paint it, many of which were thinner than a human hair.

Monalisa is the world’s most valuable painting
According to the Guinness World Record, Monalisa is the history’s highest-rated painting.

It was previously priced at Hundred Million Dollars.
 It is around 7 million million dollars in 2019.

 But sold it and Cannot be purchased as it is for public

After the death of Vinci in 1519, Monalisa became part of the private collection of the kings of France. After the French Revolution, Monalisa was placed in the Museum of Paris.

 Napoleon had liked this painting so much that he had it installed in his bedroom for some time.

 This painting is much smaller than you think, and it weighs 8 kg.

 The Vinci was not made on such paper and canvas but was made of oil paint on a wooden panel and made so beautifully that it is very difficult to see the brush marks on it.

At that time, canvas and paper were present in the time of Vinci, but the painter at that time thought that it would be right to use wood for a small painting.

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